Power Helmet

New texture painted renders.

Nurbs Modelled with Rhinoceros and rendered with HyperShot. I hope Fallout fans like it.

Picture Frame

I have created this scene for my article about Rhinoceros - Maxwell workfow on Digital Arts magazine of Turkey. Modeled in Rhinoceros and rendered with Maxwell. The illustration is my first attemp in 2d too (made with Corel Paint Shop Pro X2).

Light animation

Nurbs Modelling Software - Moment of Inspiration (MoI)

This program has very smooth workflow around NURBS modelling. You should try it. Uses smart snap guides and no command line. You can model anything only with your mouse with using your one hand. Here is some modelling screenshots and Luxology Modo Render.

 Visit and support them at http://moi3d.com/

Shark Keyring

I've tried to model and visualize a keyring of my office friend. I've used Modo to model and render, zbrush for some little details and Paint Shop Pro for post production. Second one is the photo of the reference model.