This is my workbench where I create most of my models. I realized that modeling itself is much ironic thing to express. So I made the model in Rhinoceros and rendered with Maxwell Render.

Light Animation

Render #1

Render #2

Render #3

Render #4

Close-up #1

Close-up #2


Whole Model

WIP #1

WIP #2

WIP #3

WIP #4

WIP #5

WIP #6

WIP #7

Test Render

Wedding Cake

I created this scene for a wedding proposal to my love. Made it look like my routine tutorial articles in Macline Magazine. At the last page I ask for her to marry me. While looking over the pages, she saw the proposal :) Now we are married.

I have used narcissus flowers for ornaments. Cause my wife's name is Nergiz (which is the Turkish correspondance of narcissus).

Futuristic Fuse

New modo render (13.05.2013)

This work is also made for an article of mine for Digital Arts (TR) Magazine. I've used Maxwell Render for rendering and Rhinoceros for modelling. No texture map is used. All material is 3d sliced through surfaces with text curves.