Annual Personal and Freelance Reel - 2017

This reel includes personal and freelance projects that I've done in 2017. 
Happy new Year!

Freelance Services: 
Technical Design 
Product Design 
Industrial Design 
Plastic Injection Molding Design 
Procedural PBR Material Design 
Realtime Model Design 
Photorealistic Visualization 
Mechanical Animation

Coffee Bean Procedural Material Application

I created a coffee bean PBR texture set by using Substance Designer, and decided to show its application on a still life scene.

Models are created with Solidworks (added a modeling video timelapse).
Textures are painted with Substance Painter.
Coffee foam is also created with SD (please refer to

Procedural Sunflower Seed Material

I created and applied a procedural sunflower seed material in Substance Designer.

Materialize Contest - Renault Symbioz Concept

I created a replicate material of a photo of Renault Symbioz Concept with Substance Designer for the Materialize Contest of Allegorithmic. %100 procedural and created within the software. Hope you like it.

Reference image link on instagram:

Also I've created a replicate material of a tile system with Substance Designer for the Materialize Contest of Allegorithmic.

This is not my final entry for the contest, I did it to heat up.

Contest Link:
Reference image link:

Reference photo

Procedural Sand and Stone Material

I've created a procedural substance that accepts an B&W image mask (mostly suitable for logos and icons) to create a middle eastern style worn sand and stone concept.

Pentagram logo is owned by my favorite Turkish metal band: Pentagram (