Procedural Material Design - Dirty Water with Bubbles

Hello, I'm creating a tutorial for a Substance material of dirty water with bubbles. It reads a mask channel and creates various bubbles and wavy distribution of them accordingly.

After adding the final nodes I will finalize the tutorial and share it on my Youtube Channel. Hope you like it.

Bubble Sheet PBR Material Design

I made this bubble sheet PBR material using substance designer and give it a try by wrapping around my Sony camera model.
Hope you like it.

Weaved Logo Material

It come up at a discussion on Ten thousand hours facebook group. Objective was to get weaved logo with threads. Material is made procedurally with substance designer except the Ubisoft Logo.

After I applied the maps, I get further results with fur. Hope you like it.

Sony HDR-CX240 - NURBS Modeling Project

I have modeled and textured this camera for hobby and for the lack of electronic reverse-engineering piece in my portfolio.

I also created fastforward timelapses which are really fun for me to watch. Hope you like them too.